This webinar hosted by Hala from Fullscript and Andre from Unified Practice shows you how to set up and dispense supplements from your Unified Practice platform.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • About the Fullscript + Unified Practice Integration
  • Why it was developed
  • How to activate the integration
  • How to recommend Fullscript supplements within your Unified Practice dashboard
  • Additional resources and next steps

Fullscript is the ultimate platform to easily dispense supplements and gain better patient engagement. The integration with Unified Practice allows you to recommend supplements without ever leaving your favorite EHR. Seamlessly combine the convenience of virtual dispensing with the streamlined workflow and clinic management system of Unified Practice.

With the Fullscript and Unified Practice integration, Licensed Acupuncturists and TCM practitioners can:

  • Seamlessly complement acupuncture with professional-grade supplements alongside medicinals
  • Boost patient adherence through automated refill reminders and autoship
  • Track patient outcomes and view all patient data in one place
  • Manage and grow their telehealth practice from anywhere with a powerful new revenue stream

Add this EHR integration and complement acupuncture with professional-grade supplements – all without interrupting your workflow.

Resources shared in this webinar include:

To get started with this integration, simply sign up for Unified Practice and sign up for Fullscript then follow the instructions here to integrate.

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