Apple Pay: Simplified Checkout

Apple Pay has been added to your practitioner’s dispensary checkout! It’s easier and faster than ever to order the supplements you need.

apple pay processing gif

Paying for supplements, is made easy!

You no longer need to add payment information when checking out with Apple devices. With Apple Pay, simply scan your fingerprint or process the payment with face ID and purchase the products that you have been recommended.

Check out all the improvements we’ve made to the patient experience!

Q: How do I set up Apple Pay?
A: You can visit the Apple website and get set up in seconds.

Q: How do I access the feature?
A: On any Apple device, including the Safari browser, you can set up Apple Pay in ‘Settings’ or “Preferences’ under ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’.

Q: Where will I see this?
A: If Apple Pay has been set up, the Apple Pay option will automatically appear at checkout.

Other supported digital wallets: