Tru Niagen® Pro 300

300 mg, once or twice per day, for a minimum 21 days (1)(2)(3)

Tru Niagen® Pro 500

500 mg, once or twice per day, for a minimum 21 days (1)(2)(3)

In healthy overweight adults, nicotinamide riboside in the form of nicotinamide riboside use was shown to significantly increase NAD+,1 an essential coenzyme involved in healthy mitochondria maintenance. Supplementation of nicotinamide riboside in healthy middle-aged and older adults also raised NAD+ levels. (3)

In animal models of premature aging, NAD+ levels were decreased, and NAD+ replenishment using nicotinamide riboside increased lifespan and healthspan through DNA repair and mitochondrial maintenance. (4)

Nicotinamide riboside treatment in sedentary older adults enhanced isometric strength in lower limbs and resulted in higher resistance to fatigue.5 A review of similar studies found nicotinamide riboside was most beneficial when combined with exercise training. (6)

Nicotinamide riboside supplementation augmented skeletal muscle NAD metabolome and suppressed levels of inflammatory cytokines in a placebo-controlled, double-blind, crossover trial of 70-80-year-old men. (7)

In four human subjects with heart failure, five to nine days of oral nicotinamide riboside supplementation increased mitochondrial respiration of peripheral blood mononuclear cells and inhibited proinflammatory cytokine gene expression. (8)

In preclinical rodent studies, supplementation with nicotinamide riboside suppressed noise-induced hearing loss, (9) increased the resistance to weight gain, (10) supported healthy blood glucose, reduced hepatic steatosis, and suppressed neuropathy in prediabetic mice fed a high-fat diet, (11) enhanced heart function in a model of genetic cardiomyopathy, (12) and delayed pathology and cognitive decline in mouse models of Alzheimer’s. (13)


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