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Dr. Robert Silverman DC – Super 7(R) Action Plan for Gut Health (Reset Phase)


1. Reset diet/lifestyle/mindset
2. Remove unwanted pathogens
3. Replace needed digestive enzymes and stomach acid
4. Regenerate damaged intestinal mucosa
5. Re-inoculate with quality pre and probiotics
6. Reintroduce certain foods removed in step 2
7. Retain your health and GI integrity


Super 7 Action Plan:

Reset Phase

Biotics – Colon Plus
3 teaspoon, once per day
Ingredients: multiple sources of fiber

Biotics – Bio-MCT
1-2 tablespoons, once per day
Ingredients: medium-chain triglycerides

Biotics – Mg-Zyme
3 capsules, once per day
Ingredients: magnesium aspartate, glutamate, glycinate