Stomach Acidity and Heartburn

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Stomach Acidity and Heartburn

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Stomach Acidity and Heartburn

Total Protocol Duration: 8 weeks

Gastro Relief

2 capsules, 2 times daily for 1 month (2 bottles) before food, week 1 to 4.

Description: Anti-microbial mastic gum. Sodium alginate reduces reflux. Zn carnosine is synergistic with triple ABX therapy, heals ulcers.

Pro Andrographis

2 capsules, 2 times daily, week 2 to 6.

Description: Anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant. In vitro studies show anti-urease activity to prevent H. pylori colonization.

Pro GI Repair

1 scoop, 2 to 3 times daily before food, week 1 to 8. Mix in 250mL of liquid on an empty stomach.

Description: Anti-inflammatory and promotes the healing of GI lining. Glycyrrhiza polysaccharides are mucoprotective and are shown to have anti-adhesive effects of H. pylori. Zn carnosine is synergistic with triple ABX therapy, heals ulcers.

Optional: Quercetin or Pro Quercetin

1 capsule, 2 times daily with food, week 1 to 4.

Description: Reduces free radicals involved in peptic ulcer formation, inhibits H. pylori colonization, reduces gastric inflammation and apoptosis.


The following may be considered according to requirements for additional support:

  • The combo of the zinc carnosine in both the Gastro Relief and Pro GI Repair formulations provides the evidence bases minimum dose of 75 mg two times daily for H. pylori therapy.
  • Clinicians should consider suggestion dietary lecithin granules, due to their phosphatidylcholine content, which have a protective effect on the gastric cells.
  • High degree of relapse; may require multiple rounds of treatment. The above protocol is safe and complementary with triple ABX therapy.
  • GERD is a common symptom of SIBO since epigastric bloating increases intraluminal pressure. Consider in differential and treatment (See dysbiosis protocol).



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