Natura Health Products Protocol

Cardiovascular Support

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Optimizes heart muscle function, maintains healthy blood pressure already in a normal range, balances blood lipids, strengthens the vascular system, and reduces oxidative stress.*

Cardio Tonic-BP®

3 capsules, one to two times daily. Take with or without food.

Maintains healthy blood pressure already in the normal range, strengthens heart muscle function.*


2 capsules, two to three times daily. Take with or without food.

Promotes healthy blood lipid metabolism.*


2 softgels, two times daily. Take with or without food.

Supports mitochondrial function, assists in the control of free radicals.*


3 capsules, one to two times daily. Take with or without food.

Provides key cardiovascular nutrients to aid mitochondrial function.*

Complete Omega Essentials®

4 softgels daily. Take with or without food.

Supports healthy cardio-related inflammatory response.*

Night Gain®

4 capsules daily. Best taken before bed, with or without food.

Encourages healthy testosterone levels essential for heart muscle health, promotes healthy blood circulation.*

Quercetin Plus

1 capsule, one to two times daily. Take on empty stomach

Benefits endothelial function, supports healthy blood pressure and lipid metabolism.*

Iron Synergy®

1 capsule, one to three times daily. Take on an empty stomach.

Supplies food-grown, bioavailable iron to build blood and support overall health.*

Dual-Mag Complex™

3 capsules daily. Take with food.

Promotes healthy heart and cardiovascular function.*


2 capsules, two times daily. Take on an empty stomach.

Promotes heart muscle health.*


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