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This protocol is produced by TallGrass Natural Health. TallGrass Natural Health is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Mega Food, Host Defense, Renew Life, and Botanica.


Thyroid Support Liquid Capsules

2 capsules daily

Convenient capsules with the concentration of a liquid botanical to support optimal thyroid function and for nervous system support.

Concentrated liquid formula for easy absorption.

Possible Add On:

Ashwagandha Liquid Capsules

2 capsules daily

Nourishes and restores optimal nervous and immune system health. Supports thyroid function.

Low thyroid conditions, often develop with prolonged adrenal stress. It is important to support both at the same time.

Possible Add On:



1 tablet daily

Mineral-rich organic whole foods provide synergistic trace minerals to catalyze utilization.

Low zinc levels correlate with increased levels of autoimmunity, as seen by high amounts of anti-thyroid antibodies in thyroid patients.


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