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At the first signs of immune challenge, take the following:


Andrographis Complex

2 tablets, 3-4 times daily (or for ease of compliance 4 tablets, 2 times daily) for myalgia, sore throat, and fever

Echinacea Premium 1:2 (40 mL) & Licorice High Grade 1:1 (10 mL) (50 mL total)

Mix 2.5 mL into 50 mL warm water, gargle 2-3 times a day to relieve and soothe a sore throat, provide immune and antiviral support, and provide anti-inflammatory support

Further support to be considered:


Garlic Forte

1 tablet, 4 times daily (for immune support)

Golden Seal

1 tablet, 4 times daily (for mucus membrane support)

Specific health challenges:

Support normal mucus flow in the respiratory tract or reduce coughs:



2 tablets, 3 times daily

JHS Naturals


3 capsules each, 2 times daily


3 capsules each, 2 times daily

Support normal body temperature:

Drink diaphoretic herbal teas (peppermint, ginger, chamomile, or yarrow).

To soothe the throat:


Licorice High Grade 1:1

1-5 mL per day or the above Echinacea & Licorice tincture mixture


GSE Liquid Concentrate

1-3 drops mixed into 118 mL of water, gargle and swallow or expectorate. Do 3-5 gargles per day

Grapefruit Seed Extract in liquid form

Adrenal support (select one):


AdrenoCo or Withania Complex

2 tablets at breakfast, 1 tablet at lunch daily

Rhodiola & Ginseng

2 tablets at breakfast daily

Licorice High Grade 1:1

4 mL daily

If the immune response indicates, consider MediHerb Turmeric Forte 2 tablets, 2 times daily to support a healthy inflammation response.


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