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Irritated Skin Support

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Irritated Skin Support


Acne isn’t a skin issue, it is a signal the body sends that digestion, inflammation and detoxification need attention. When a patient presents with acne, it is critical to find out what they have already done in an effort to improve their skin. Medications, supplements, changing skincare, skipping food groups for periods of a time will all impact their internal health along with their external skin.

Lifestyle Recommendations to improve irritated skin:

  1. What is touching their skin most often? The clothes and skincare they use, their pillowcases, the gym equipment too – these may not be the primary cause(s) but they can be exacerbating their acne.
  2. Stressed? It will make their acne worse. Help your patient implement better stress management with breathing (we like teaching 10 rounds of the 4-7-8 breath), meditation (apps may help), calming music and setting clear boundaries on social media (especially digging for skin tips or looking at photos of others that make them feel bad about their skin).

Acne is a signal that digestion needs attention. Better skin nutrition includes:

  1. The better first step is a digestive evaluation that gets specific about what isn’t working better. If indicated, the next step is a digestive tune up.
    1. Probiotics – especially bifidobacterial (Orthobiotics)
    2. Gut repair – glutamine / DGL / aloe (Glutagennics)
  2. Review all medications and supplements for their potential to irritate digestion.
  3. Consider recommending a Mediterranean / Anti-inflammatory diet
  4. Aim to get in a daily dose of GLA (or adding as a daily supplement) like hemp seeds, hemp seed oil or wild salmon. Use this menu to help make it deliciously easy to get in GLA from hemp foods.
  5. Limit added sugar to <3 tsp daily (1 tsp is typically 4g though coconut palm sugar will be less) and ideally remove all cow’s milk dairy including supplemental whey protein. Opt for sweetness from low sugar fruits like berries as well as starchy bright orange vegetables (sweet potato, carrots, pumpkin) whose sweetness is amplified if baked or roasted. Use this evaluation to assess your patient’s added sugar intake to see their current added sugar nutrition.
  6. Caffeine is not typically the primary issue but excess acidity will make it harder to improve digestive health. Consider organic teas, organic cold brew and keep coffee to 8 oz once a day for at least 6 weeks. You can use this caffeine evaluation to assess your patient’s total caffeine intake and its impact.
  7. Get in alkaline forming foods and beverages more often.
  8. Water is the original alkaline former – aim to increase intake to at least half their body weight in pounds into ounces spread into 4 water breaks during the day (200lb person, 100 oz, 4 breaks of 25oz or 10 x 10 oz / day).
  9. Give added support to their detoxification system with broccoli florets (frozen or fresh just don’t overcook) or supplement with glucoraphanin, dandelion & milk thistle.

Protocol – Irritated Skin Support:

Metagenics – Glutagenics

1 scoop, once per day

This combination of DGL, glutamine and aloe does a better job healing the different aspects of irritation for better overall digestive health than a single ingredient. Better to start with one scoop daily in water, herbal tea, even juice (if they are consuming) and ideally consume after their morning coffee or evening glass of wine/drink. Many do well with a second daily dose.

Transformation Enzymes – Digest 

1 capsule with every meal

Digestive Enzymes to be consumed with meals and snacks (including liquid nutrition). Follow product’s specific directions. Use these daily or when symptoms occur.

Ortho Molecular Products – Ortho Biotic

1 capsule, once per day on waking

Probiotics – ensure a good source of bifidobacteria (at least 1 billion live active CFUs).

Innate Response – Magnesium 300

1 scoop, once per day

As indicated based on the results of their Better Magnesium Evaluation BUT you can also recommend magnesium food choices too with this menu. The magnesium supplement may be better in the evening to contribute to muscle relaxation that helps shift the body to prepare for sleep. The powder can be a better choice for someone who also experiences bloating and constipation.

New Chapter’s – Wholemega

2 softgels, once per day

Get in GLA from supplements in addition to food

In addition: 

You may want to add nutrient support for detoxification like:

  • Dr Mercola – Fermented Broccoli Sprouts: 1 capsule daily
  • Jarrow Coq10 QH-absorb (200 mg)
  • Gaia Herbs Liver Cleanse: 1 capsule

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