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Dr. Ronald Hoffman – Immunity Protocol


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Dr. Ronald Hoffman – Immunity Protocol


Cold and flu season is on the way, and I believe the best medicine is preventive medicine to bolster our immune defenses. While the Intelligent Medicine Starter Kit provides a good foundation for health, those looking to safeguard their immune systems will benefit from additional focused supplementation.

Over the years I have refined my list of top supplements offering the greatest boost for your immune system when it is most needed. My patients and listeners who have followed this regimen report remarkably few instances other than the mildest respiratory infections. Give it a shot!

Protocol – Immunity:

Wakunaga – Aged Garlic Extract Formula 103 – Immune (Core)

1 tablet, twice per day

A product that harnesses the documented immune-boosting effects of Aged Garlic Extract along with potent co-factors.

QOL Labs – ImmunoKinoko 500mg (Core)

1 capsule, twice per day

AHCC (Advanced Hexose Correlated Compound) in a product called Immunokinoku (take one, twice daily) which I discussed in a recent podcast.

Orthomolecular Products – Viracid (Core)

1 capsule, twice per day

Contains zinc and echinacea.

Essential Formulas – Reg’Activ Immune & Vitality (Core)

2 capsules, twice per day

A unique probiotic that delivers protective glutathione.

Clinical Synergy Professional Formulas – Mycoceutics Immune Max (Core)

6 capsules, once per day

Klaire Labs – Ester-C (Booster)

1 capsule, twice per day

A mainstay of immune defense.

Protocol for Life Balance – Vitamin D3 1,000IU (Booster)

1 capsule, twice per day

A mainstay of immune defense.

Vital Health Options – Transfer Factor Basics (Booster)

1 capsule, twice per day

A colostrum-derived product that boosts the vigilance of white blood cells.

DaVinci Labs – Olivir 15 (Booster)

1 capsule, twice per day

Contains olive leaf extract that is rich in oleuropein, a potent natural antiviral.

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