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Hard Stools


Consider the potential causes of the constipation:

  • Dehydration and lack of fibre
  • High sympathetic tone
  • Dysbiosis, chronic infection or post-infective SIBO, which damages the MMC (Migrating Motor Complex. See dysbiosis protocol)

The use of prokinetics are helpful while teaching the patient bowel training.

Total Protocol Duration: 12 weeks

Triphlax 750

1-2 capsules, twice per day away from food, week 1 to 4

Note: Increase the dose by 1 cap daily until desired stool is achieved. No side effects found at higher doses.

Description: Traditional Ayurvedic herbal combination that helps detoxification. Non-habit forming, gentle laxative. Stimulates immune function RCT; found it promotes weight loss.

Pro GI Repair

1 scoop, two to three times per day before food mixed in water, week 1 to 8

Description: Anti-inflammatory, promotes healing of GI lining and increases blood flow to the GI to reduce intestinal ischemia B. Longum BB536 studied to promote bowel frequency.


2 to 6 lozenges, daily with ample water on empty stomach, 2 hours away from medications, week 1 to 8

Description: Xylo-oligosaccharide (XOS) is a prebiotic fibre. Promotes growth of Bifidobacterium. Relieves both constipation and diarrhea. Promotes the growth of only “good” bacteria. Safe for long term use in adults and kids. Safe in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy.

Optional: Vitamin C or Pro Vitamin C

1 to 4 capsules, once to twice per day until bowel tolerance, week 1 to 12

Description: Promotes GI purging, mucosal immunity, redox balance, and reduces microbial adhesion.

Optional: Pro De-Stress

1-2 capsules, as needed up to 6 capsuled daily on an empty stomach, week 1 to 12

Description: Calms excess sympathetic tone, reduces anxiety and insomnia.



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