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General Foundational Protocol for Chronic Digestive Disease

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General Foundational Protocol for Chronic Digestive Disease

Total Protocol Duration: 12 weeks

Magnesium Synergy

1 to 2 scoops, twice per daily with or without food (mixes well with lemon water in the morning), week 1 to 4

Description: Balances pH, supports phase II detoxification (methylation, sulfation), enhances cellular and mitochondrial function.

Advanced B Complex or Pro B-Complex 

1 to 3 capsules, once per day with food, week 2 to 4


  • Any chronic digestive complaint increases the need for cellular regeneration and thus methylation processes. Methylation is also involved in detoxification, immunity, hormone balance and mood.
  • Complete combination of highly bioavailable and active forms of B vitamins for cellular energy production, reduction of homocysteine and hormone balance.

Methylcobalamin or Pro Methylcobalamin

1 lozenge, once per day, week 3 to 4

Description: High dose of the active form of B12 to promote production of SAMe, increase energy and nerve regeneration.

Caution: Use of methylcobalamin in those with anxiety and slow COMT activity may increase catecholamine conversion and epinephrine concentrations. Consider hydroxycobalamin, or Tri-B12 Synergy, which contains adenosylcobalamin and hydroxycobalamin.


1 capsule, three times per day with food, week 5 to 12

Description: Studied combination of probiotics that promote butyrate production, bifidobacterium growth and reduce intestinal pH.

Ortho Core

2 capsules, three times per day with food, week 1 to 12

Description: High potency multivitamin in active forms. Also contains a potent antioxidant combination for comprehensive daily protection.



AOR Professional not available in retail health-food stores or online to the general public.

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