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Recommendation for adults: 1 or 2 tablets twice daily. May take at bedtime to support restful sleep.* 

Recommendations for children (ages 4-12): 1 tablet twice daily. May increase as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Benefits increase with continued daily use.

Relief of occasional: anxiety, stress, nervous tension, and restless sleep.*

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1-2 tablets daily, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner

This product has Omega-3 with an unaltered ratio of bioidentical DHA/EPA attached to phospholipids and with peptides as it occurs in salmon (not chemically altered or artificially spiked), ensuring optimal absorption and improved stability.

Product Sheet


The Fullscript Integrative Medical Advisory team has developed or collected these protocols from practitioners and supplier partners to help health care practitioners make decisions when building treatment plans. By adding this protocol to your Fullscript template library, you understand and accept that the recommendations in the protocol are for initial guidance and may not be appropriate for every patient.

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