Primary support

Arterosil® HP

Arterosil® HP is a proprietary blend of seaweed, fruit, and vegetable extracts that may support arterial and endothelial health.* The main bioactive component in Arterosil® HP is rhamnan sulfate (as MonitumRSTM), a polysaccharide extracted from a unique green seaweed, Monostroma nitidum, that may help support the endothelial glycocalyx.* 

  • Dosing: 2 capsules per day
  • Duration: ongoing

RYR Synergy

RYR Synergy™ is a synergistic blend of organic red yeast rice and coenzyme Q10 that may help support lipid and cholesterol metabolism.*

  • Dosing: 2 capsules twice per day
  • Duration: 3 months; re-evaluate biomarkers, signs, and symptoms

Niacin CRT

Niacin CRT is a unique wax-matrix tablet that utilizes controlled-release technology (CRT). This technology delivers niacin at a continuous, controlled rate over a 6- to 8-hour period throughout the tablet’s transit time in the bowel, reducing the risk of flushing. This product is available in 500 mg and 750 mg tablets for greater flexibility in meeting nutritional needs.

  • Dosing: 500–2,000 mg in divided doses; dose twice daily
  • Duration: 3 months; re-evaluate biomarkers, signs, and symptoms

Secondary support

Annatto-E 300

Annatto-E 300 is a unique tocopherol-free, tocotrienols-only product featuring tocotrienols sourced from the annatto tree. Annatto is a rich source of tocotrienols, containing 100% tocotrienols (90% delta and 10% gamma isomers) and no tocopherols. Annatto-E 300 contains 300 mg per softgel of delta/gamma tocotrienols. 

  • Dosing: 1 softgel per day
  • Duration: 3 months; re-evaluate biomarkers, signs, and symptoms


BergaVin™ features trademarked ingredients Bergavit® 40 bergamot and Vinia® red grape powder The polyphenols and flavonoids in bergamot and red grapes may support cholesterol metabolism* and antioxidant status, providing benefits that may further support coronary health.*

  • Dosing: 2 capsules per day with a meal
  • Duration: 3 months; re-evaluate biomarkers, signs, and symptoms


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The Fullscript Integrative Medical Advisory team has developed or collected these templates from practitioners and supplier partners to help healthcare practitioners make decisions when building treatment plans. By adding this template to your Fullscript template library, you understand and accept that the recommendations in the template are for initial guidance and may not be appropriate for every patient.

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