Biomed Professional Protocol

Mental Well-being and Mood Support

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2 capsules, three times daily. Consult a health care practitioner for use beyond 8 weeks.

Neuraplex is a traditional European herbal formula used to improve mood and mental well-being. The herbs have a calming and regulating effect on the mind and the autonomic nervous system (ANS), leading to healthier mental and physical balance. The herbs found in Neuraplex are clinically proven to promote a balanced and healthy mood during times of nervous agitation, low mood, and insomnia. The herbs are also among the most extensively researched and documented in terms of their effectiveness for increasing stress tolerance in mild depression, anxiety, sleep issues, nervousness, and restlessness. (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)

 The herbs in Neuraplex are traditionally used in herbal medicine to: 

  • Calm, relax, and nourish the nervous system (3)(5)
  • Enhance mood when experiencing mild depression and anxiety (1)(2)(3)(5)(7)
  • Promote healthy mood balance (1)(2)
  • Relieve restlessness and nervousness (3)(4)
  • Promote relaxation in times of mental stress & low moods (3)(4)(6)

Key features include: enhanced mood and mental well-being, improve sleep, provide relief from nervousness and restlessness, and calm the nervous system


1 capsule once daily. Safe for long-term use.

B-Complex provides an optimal blend of the eight essential B vitamins and supporting lipotropic factors. Research shows that supplementing with a complex of essential B vitamins improves stress, brain health, and overall mood. (8)(9)(10)


  • Eight essential B vitamins: 50 mg each of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, biotin as B7, folate as B9, B12
  • Lipotropic factors: choline, inositol, PABA, biotin

Key features include: improved stress resilience and healthy mood support


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