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Acne Relief

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Luvos® Healing Earth Powder

Mix Luvos® powder with water to make a thick paste (approx. 3.5 tsp Luvos® powder to 1 tsp water)

Apply onto the affected area. Let the paste completely dry (20-30 min), then rinse off with warm water

Luvos® is a 100% pure natural mineral powder, also known in Germany as loess or ‘Healing Earth’, mined from mineral-rich glacial deposits. This ultra-fine powder has a large surface area for high absorption and binding capacity of toxins, impurities, and bacteria.

With over 100 years of clinical success being used as a medicinal clay, Luvos® powder through face masks, promotes healthy radiant skin! When Luvos® powder dries on the skin, it stimulates blood flow to the area, promotes excretion of bacteria and toxins from the pores, binds dead skin cells and excess sebum, and supplies the dermal cells with increased oxygen and nutrients. (1)(2)(3)

Skin Health Benefits:

  • Acne 
    • Oily skin and excess sebum
    • Hormonal acne, acne vulgaris, pimples, pustules, cysts
    • Blackheads, whiteheads
    • Bacterial infections
    • Inflammation (1)(2)(4)(5)(6)(7)
  • Detoxification of the skin
    • Absorbs and binds toxins on the skin (1)(4)
  • Exfoliant and skincare (4)
    • Removes dead skin, sebum clogged pores, airborne impurities


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