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Biliary Stasis


  • Catecholamines and estrogens are both eliminated by methylation using the enzymes COMT (catechol-o-methyltransferase). Some people are predisposed to a slow version of COMT, which may influence neurotransmitter and hormone elimination.
  • Broccoli extract is shown to increase Glutathione-S-transferase enzymes for phase II detoxification. This is particularly helpful in those genetically predisposed to a reduction in the expression of GST enzymes.
  • Consider the size of gallstones before beginning protocol-adult bile duct is 6mm. Stones bigger than this size may become lodged in the duct. Refer for ultrasound prior to treatment.
  • In cases of gallstones, consider underlying etiology in lithogenesis, including:
    – Infection or dysbiosis
    – Hypochlorhydria; gluten intolerance, as gluten impacts CCK signalling
    – Estrogen dominance. Estrogen can inhibit bile acids transportation from hepatocytes into bile canaliculi. Consider PRO Estro Support.
    – Hyperadrenergic tone is a strong contributor to stone formation as estrogen and catecholamines share the same enzyme* (COMT) for their degradation leading to a ‘bottle neck’ effect

Total Protocol Duration: 12 weeks

Chanca Piedra

1 capsule, twice per day away from food, week 1 to 4

Note: 500mg/cap (= 5000 mg crude extract)

Description: High dose of Phyllanthus niruri. Botanical traditionally used to help dissolve kidney and gallstones. Promotes bile flow and production.


2 capsules, once daily with food, week 1 to 12

Description: Phosphatidylcholine to promote bile acid synthesis and increase solubility of stones

Pro DysbioX

1 softgel, three times per day before food, week 1 to 4

Note: Patient may experience mild mint taste after ingestion which can be reduced by storing the formula in the fridge.

Description: Broad spectrum anti-microbial. Anti-spasmodic-prevents bile duct colic

Liver Support

1 capsule, three times per day away from food, week 1 to 4


  • Liver Support II can be used AFTER 1 month of Chanca Peidra for more comprehensive liver support.
  • Liver Support II can be used BEFORE Chanca Peidra for 1-2 months for a sensitive patient or those with large gallstones as a gentle preparation with less chance of aggravation.

Description: Comprehensive liver formula containing NAC and sulforaphane precursors.


1 capsule, three times per day with food, week 5 to 12

Note: Can be started on week 5 after Pro DysbioX

Description: Studied combination of probiotics that promote butyrate production, bifidobacterium growth and reduce intestinal pH

Optional: Estro Adapt or Pro Estro Support

1 capsule, twice per day, week 1 to 12

Description:  Contains Calcium-D-glucarate, DIM and Broccoli extract (SGS) to promote proper estrogen detoxification and to increase glutathionization



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