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Since 1995, Biomed has provided quality products and protocols, enhanced with practitioner education to improve your patients’ health and quality of life.
Biomed products

Representing Canadian innovation and European modalities from Germany and Switzerland, Biomed is a leader in delivering real solutions to address the ‘root cause’ of health conditions.

Check out some of the most prescribed products below.

Bio Thy product
BioThy™ is a specialized mineral, amino acid and protein formulation that has been clinically identified as being effective in cases of thyroid dysfunction.
Bone sure product
BoneSure is a combination of bone building vitamins and minerals targeted for reversing bone loss, with clinically proven results to increase bone mineral density and reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.
B12 Folate
B12 Folate
This formula offers rapid absorption of the active forms of B12 and folate into the bloodstream, bypassing several potential issues in the absorption cycle of the digestive tract.

This brand is only available to practitioners using Fullscript in Canada.

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