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SCOTTSDALE, AZ, October 13, 2020 – Fullscript and Natural Partners merged in June 2018 to become the new leader in integrative medicine as Natural Partners Fullscript. In 2020, we’re finishing what we’ve started by melding Natural Partners and Fullscript into a single platform and brand. Under the banner of Fullscript, we are officially the only supplement dispensing solution to offer wholesale and virtual dispensing on one platform.

Fullscript was the world’s first virtual supplement dispensary and is now a comprehensive platform that integrative healthcare professionals use to dispense the best quality supplements. It also helps practitioners manage and grow their practice with patient engagement and adherence tools. We’re one platform for wholesale, virtual, and everything in between.

“Fullscript is the only software for healthcare professionals that offers in-office dispensing and direct-to-patient dispensing on one platform,” said Fullscript Chief Executive Officer Fran Towey. “We believe this innovative approach strengthens the practitioner-patient relationship, helping practitioners prescribe personalized wellness protocols, and making it effortless for patients to follow their treatment plans. With everything we do, our focus is on helping people get better.”

Fullscript’s new wholesale ordering experience gives access to a bigger catalog and the industry’s best product search, plus a range of business and adherence tools, making it the only supplement dispensing solution practitioners will ever need.

“By offering virtual dispensing and wholesale ordering in one platform, we’re giving practitioners the flexibility to create their perfect dispensing mix,” said Fullscript Chief Product Officer Brad Dyment. “Whether they’re dispensing in-office, online, or a combination of both, they can easily manage and track it all in one place. And, they can also take advantage of other perks, like automated adherence tools, marketed patient promotions to keep patients engaged, and shareable protocols to let anyone self-serve from their online dispensary. There are so many ways to dispense supplements and grow a practice, and now you can do it all from one browser tab with a free Fullscript account.”

Visit the Fullscript website to learn more about Fullscript’s other features.

Fullscript is the ultimate free platform for those who want to do wellness the right way — the personal way — from anywhere. This virtual dispensary has the most comprehensive catalog, integrates with EHRs, automates refill reminders, and offers evidence-based resources. It’s an always-accessible solution that helps people get better.

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For further information: For interviews and more information email Bruce Smith, Senior Manager of Public Relations at publicrelations@fullscript.com

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