Taking Your Practice Virtual With the Fullscript and ChARM Integration

Merging a virtual supplement dispensary and decision-support tool with a practice management and telehealth platform turns any device into an all-in-one remote practice.

The current global health crisis is requiring practitioners to rapidly evolve the way they provide care to patients who are now more motivated than ever to prioritize their health.

It’s a challenge, but also an opportunity for the integrative medical community to come together and leverage technology, tools, and resources that allow practitioners to connect with patients in a meaningful way — even from a distance.

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An integration gives you the tools you need to run the business side of your practice while providing patient care.

One of the best ways to instantly take your practice virtual and offer a seamless, empowering experience for patients is to use an electronic health record (EHR) system and integrate it with your Fullscript account.

Combining the two solutions allows you to:

  • Stay organized — even as your typical workflows and processes shift — by consolidating all of your records and recommendations into one virtual location.
  • Offer telehealth and other virtual care services to patients, while using the Fullscript automated adherence tools to re-engage them when it matters most.
  • Schedule appointments, process billing and insurance, and manage your supplement revenue stream without ever leaving your EHR.
  • Search the vast Fullscript catalog from inside your EHR.
  • Incorporate professional-grade supplements into larger wellness strategies to help patients maintain good health in times of added stress and challenging environments.
  • Leverage evidence-based protocols and create your own templates to streamline your workload.
  • Offer patients an easy, one-stop portal where they can access and start implementing on all resources, treatment plans, and recommended supplements.

As a bonus, once you have an account with both Fullscript and one of our EHR partners, the integration is a free feature.

“I have nothing but great things to say… It is easy for me to recommend quality supplements for my patients and it is easy for my patients to follow through and order them. Even better is that the recommendation is then documented in the chart. The patients can re-order the supplements when they need to… I get emailed updates as to when patients place an order and when the order ships.” — Julia Ward, MD

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The first virtual supplement dispensary to integrate with EHRs

Fullscript built the industry’s first API, which made it possible to do seamless integrations with other digital platforms. It was a natural step in our efforts to improve workflows and support additional channels of care so practitioners could have more time and flexibility to work with patients.

Did you know?
Practitioners who integrate their Fullscript account with an EHR see an increase of 16% more revenue per month, and 33% more prescriptions written per week.

We’ve noticed that, on average, practitioners who took advantage of these integrations were 2.4-times more productive than their peers on Fullscript who weren’t using an EHR integration. We now have a full-time team, made up of award-winning user experience designers and engineers who are dedicated to bringing more EHRs on board, while continuously optimizing the experience for both practitioners and patients.

Optimize your practice with the ChARM integration

One of the most requested integrations was ChARM EHR before we rolled out the API. The highly used, and trusted EHR became one of the first Fullscript EHR partners. Since the integration, ChARM EHR is one of the most used integrations and continues to impress practitioners with their software capabilities. Implementing supplement dispensing, and patient adherence management in your virtual practice has never been easier. While still using all the other features that ChARM has to offer, including lab integrations, immunization registrations, appointment scheduling, patient messaging, invoicing, and much more, practitioners are now able to recommend supplements without leaving their ChARM account. The industry-leading professional quality supplement catalog is a vital tool for practitioners who have incorporated supplementation into their practice.

Integrating your ChARM account with a Fullscript is an incredibly fast and easy two-step process.

“The Fullscript and ChARM EHR integration has been a great asset to my practice. Prior to the integration, there was so much additional work at the end of the day. We just had to make sure every patient was registered with Fullscript and all orders were properly placed into the system, following appointments. Now with the integrated system, I can search for supplements, add the dosage and instructions, and simply hit “transmit to Fullscript”. The patient now automatically has an account created and they get the prescription sent, without any further work on my end. I highly suggest this integration to my fellow healthcare providers.” —Dr. Karina Wallace, ND

Feel more connected than ever

With social distancing becoming the new norm, it’s easy to feel disconnected from patients, peers, and the wider healthcare community. By integrating Fullscript with a ChARM EHR, you’ll get a better overview of your patients’ adherence, have additional ways to communicate with them, and gain access to all of the resources, tools, features, and communities of two leading wellness platforms.

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Leveraging the right technology for your virtual practice can help you stay connected to patients, reassuring them that they have access to the care they need.

Your patients will also benefit from added sources of wellness content and resources, curated by you and collected into one hub in their patient portal.

We know the demand for personalized healthcare has never been higher — or more necessary. Work more efficiently, effectively, and with greater confidence when you integrate your Fullscript account with practice management and telehealth tools.

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