The Perfect Mix: In-office Inventory vs Online Supplement Dispensing

office table with stethoscope, notepad, glass of water, plant, keyboard, computer mouse, pen, and glasses

Dr. Lucille was ordering from more than one company, and being a sole practitioner, she was not ordering that much volume.

Many practitioners are still unsure of what the best method is, to access professional supplements. Amongst the best options wholesale purchasing or online ordering are popular, as the practitioner has control of the prescriptions. The case of mixing both wholesale supplement purchasing and choosing a trusted online dispensary has not been taken into consideration, until now. This case study shows how one practitioner found the perfect mix of using both wholesale and online dispensing to optimize her practice.

Dr. Lucille, ND, RN was an extremely enthusiastic new graduate. After finishing her education, she was ready to set up her practice and apply her comprehensive integrative principles of medicine to help people. She chose products that were familiar, some that she even used as a student and in her residencies. As these orders went through and products started coming in, Dr. Lucille’s shelves were starting to fill up. Her patients walked out of the door with a plan to start their journey towards feeling better, and patient satisfaction was excellent. This ideal business model lasted for about a month – she calls this the honeymoon of her practice.