SMS Text Prescriptions Are Here!

Fullscript’s new TextRx feature is here – and we know you’ll love it!

Fullscript makes prescribing and dispensing professional-grade supplements easy, and it just got even better.

Today, we’re announcing TextRx – a new way for your patients to easily access your prescriptions via text!


With TextRx you get high deliverability of your prescriptions to your patients and you can achieve higher compliance than with email alone.

This feature is easily accessible when you write a new prescription for a patient. Simply add in your prescribed product, scroll down the page and click the option to “Send Text Message.”Then add your patient’s phone number and when you’re ready, click “Send to Patient.”

That’s it!

Your patient will receive an automated text message from Fullscript to fill their prescription and they can access it at anytime.

Fullscript is HIPAA compliant and no Personal Health Information (PHI) is included in these text messages. Your patients information is securely stored and they can unsubscribe at any time.

Try TextRx with your next patient!

Note: for Canadian practitioners, Fullscript is compliant with all personal information and spam laws.

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