Spotlight: Adjust Default Dosage & Instructions On Products

We understand that you have your favorite products that you commonly prescribe to your patients, and oftentimes your prescriptions can differ from the supplier recommended instructions and dosage recommendations.

Creating recommendations that work with your preferences has never been easier. We’ve removed the guess work and stress of remembering the way you operate. Staff members who are working from your account will also work from your adjusted settings.

Save as my default – here’s how

To adjust the dosage and additional instructions of a product, follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Click quickly add a product to your recommendation and select the desired product. The suppliers instructions will automatically be populated in the fields.
  2. Manually adjust the quantity of dose, time and frequency of application, and duration of treatment.
    You will notice the measure of units, length of supply period, and the price of the product will automatically adjust in response to your changes.
  3. Include additional instructions, if desired.
  4. Click save as my default.

The save as my default feature helps you efficiently customize the way you prescribe.

Voila! Everytime you add this product to a recommendation moving forward, your saved instructions will be applied.

To review and refer back to the suppliers instructions, simply hover over your saved instructions and click using suppliers instructions. The settings will revert back to the original details.

We’d appreciate your feedback, let us know what you think!