As a practitioner, creating supplement prescriptions can be one of the most time consuming aspects of creating a treatment plan for a patient; searching the catalog, doing product research, sifting through ingredients, checking interactions.

Although Fullscript is already the most efficient way to create supplement recommendations, we thought we could do better. So today we’re launching prescription templates to make supplement recommendations even faster.

How prescription templates work

As the name suggests, if you find yourself creating similar prescriptions for conditions you frequently treat, now you can create a template to help save time. Of course your templates can still be individualized for each patient, but starting with a framework should help save just a few minutes during each patient visit.

Your templates can include:

  • a personalized message;
  • documents and other supporting material for your patient; and
  • your supplement recommendations.

Ready to get started?

As a practitioner, your most valuable asset is time, and we hope this feature helps save just a bit of time during each patient visit.

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Fullscript simplifies supplement dispensing

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