“In an industry that’s fraught with complex issues that have a real impact on human lives, we’ve got something special to contribute – a great strategy, and a team of people that truly care,” said Fran Towey, who was Chief Executive Officer of Natural Partners in 2018, when the company merged with Fullscript. With those words, the path forward was set.

Lots has happened since the 2018 merger. The Fullscript platform continuously evolved to better-support practitioners and their patients culminating in the release of One Platform. This single solution combines the best of both Fullscript and Natural Partners, offering virtual dispensing, wholesale ordering, and everywhere in between. Its release allowed for the Natural Partners site to be closed in March 2021, and for Fullscript and its users to simplify, and focus on one account.

Throughout the entire process, it was known that Fullscript would need to eventually make its catalog openly accessible so that it could be viewed by anyone on the internet. Previously, the Fullscript catalog was only accessible if you were registered as either a practitioner or a patient.

Making the Fullscript Catalog openly available is a positive step towards increasing the accessibility of integrative medicine. Now, interested parties are empowered to research supplements, learn about different dosages or use-cases, and gauge pricing— all without entering any personal information.

“This could be a powerful tool for education,” said Luis Silva, the Engineering Technical Lead who was responsible for leading the Open Catalog project. “For example, students who are interested in learning about supplements can utilize the advanced search features to get familiar with products and brands that will be important for providing patient care in the future, all while getting familiar with the tool. It really makes the entire process more accessible.”

“Internally we already had an amazing catalog,” added Silva. “We knew this was a fantastic opportunity to increase accessibility by creating a public product that anybody in the world can learn from and use.”

Due to outside factors, the project had to be accomplished over a short 6-week time frame; no small feat given the scale and complexity of creating the most-advanced open catalog in the world for supplements. The project highlighted the collaborative spirit of the Fullscript team, pulling in team members from Engineering, Product, Infrastructure, Dev-Ops, Web, and Marketing to deliver Fullscript’s first-ever Open Catalog.

“Delivering a product of this quality in just 6-weeks is a testament to the world-class team we have here at Fullscript,” said Fullscript Chief Technology Officer Kurtis Funai. “Our Open Catalog is the first open catalog in the world of supplements that allows you to search by ingredient, dosages, and brands.”

While the Open Catalog represents a significant breakthrough, it’s just the beginning. Fullscript’s team will continue to add more features to the Open Catalog over time, with innovations and improvements to search functionality, product information, and educational content all in the works.

“Our mission is to help people get better, and one way we can accomplish that is by making integrative medicine more accessible than ever,” said Funai.

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The Fullscript Open Catalog is only available to users in the United States.*