We love seeing practitioners set up their practices in the ways best suited for them and their patients. Some love the online, virtual model and some prefer a mix of online and in-office inventory. Whichever dispensing model, Fullscript supports all practitioners in their efforts to make healthcare more accessible. That’s why we’re so excited to announce the On-site Rx tool, available to all practitioners.

“The On-site Rx feature leaves our patients with less confusion when they go online to order.” – EcoHealth Wellness Center & Detox Spa

For practitioners who love offering their patients an in-office product selection, the new On-site Rx tool is a game changer. This feature is easy to use and maximizes refills for in-office dispensing with a virtual experience patients have come to expect. The feature also helps practitioners support patients with their treatment adherence.

Note: Make sure to upload your patients to your Fullscript dispensary as you will need their ‘profiles’ to start recommendations for them! This way you can add products that are filled and purchased at your clinic and track those products with the patients that are receiving them. You can add patients by uploading a list with multiple patients or adding them individually.

Using the On-site Rx feature

On-site Rx combines the immediate benefits of dispensing in-office with the convenience and adherence support of virtual dispensing. Integrating this tool into your everyday workflow is simple.

Start by activating the On-site Rx tool from the ‘Customize tool’ option at the top right of the Recommendation view. You will only have to activate the tool once for it to show up in your workflow.


Fullscript Customize tool section
Make sure to activate the ‘On-site products’ custom tool within your dispensary!


After the tool is activated, write your next recommendation using the treatment plan tool on Fullscript when a patient visits for an in-person appointment. Browse for products from the catalog and add them to the recommendation. For each product added, simply click on the small box labeled “Filled on-site” found below the patient instructions.


Filled on site check box in Fullscript recommendation view
Use the On-site Rx tool by simply selecting “Filled on-site” on each product!


After that, finish the recommendation and send it to your patient. Both of you will receive a digital record of the treatment plan and product(s) you’ve dispensed on-site. You’ll also activate Fullscript adherence tools to help your patients stay on track!

Patients will receive automated refill reminders to order their products any time, from anywhere through your virtual catalog. You’ll boost adherence by giving patients the option to refill their products in-office or online!

Recap of how this works:

  1. Use treatment plan tool for in-office recommendations
  2. Include instructions, attach patient handout
  3. Select “Filled on-site” to mark a product as filled in-office
  4. Write virtual recommendations as needed
  5. Record data, analyze insights, order supplements — all in one place


How to use the On-site Rx feature gif
No disruption to your workflow when using On-site Rx!


Benefits of the On-site Rx feature

Besides maximizing refills, On-site Rx turns Fullscript into a complete treatment plan and adherence tool. Listed below are the benefits to both patients and practitioners.

Benefits for patients

  • No matter where your patients order your recommendations, they’ll get automated refill reminders when it’s time to reorder — either by coming back to your office or by refilling online.
  • Your patients have the option to receive wellness content to educate them and keep wellness top of mind.
  • Your patients will have 24/7 access to the products you’ve recommended.
  • Your patients will now see a “Filled on-site” label on products that you’ve filled in-office in their treatment plans.

Benefits for practitioners

  • You can start leveraging the entire suite of adherence tools offered by Fullscript, including refill reminders for all patients.
  • You and your patient will get a virtual copy of the treatment plan and a list of the products you’ve recommended.
  • You can include comments, instructions, and even attach digital resources that the patient can access anywhere from their preferred device.
  • You can leverage Fullscript for virtual group visits, sending protocols to multiple, select patients at once. Or, create a general health protocol and share the link publicly with new and existing patients! This allows patients to self-serve and can help them stay engaged.
  • You will now see a “Filled on-site” label on products in past treatment plans when they have been marked as such when prescribing.

Get started with On-site Rx

On-site Rx is available now for all practitioners who use Fullscript. If you recommend in-office all of the time, occasionally, or rarely, this feature is available to capture more refills and keep patients adhering to their treatment plans, no matter the dispensing method.

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