Thanks to your support and feedback, we are excited to announce that NuMedica products are now available on Fullscript US!

NuMedica offers the highest quality nutraceuticals manufactured to meet or exceed strict cGMP quality standards. They have pioneered the development of innovative, science-based nutritional supplements that are prescribed by thousands of licensed healthcare practitioners around the world. NuMedica prides itself on setting the standard for the highest quality, innovative nutritional formulas in the professional marketplace.

Below you will find just a glimpse of what is now available in your Fullscript Catalog.

NuMedica Micellized D3

Micellized D3™ by NuMedica


Micellized D3™ is a natural, soy free, form of Vitamin D in a water-soluble micellized form. Micellization greatly increases the solubility, absorption and bioavailability of our vitamin D3 over oil or emulsified forms.

Neuro PRP™ Spray by NuMedica


Neuro PRP™ Spray contains naturally extracted polypeptides (PRPs) from bovine colostrum. These PRPs help regulate normal cytokine production and modulate normal immune responses.

Mag-Plex Ultra™ by NuMedica


Mag-Plex Ultra™ features the highly absorbable magnesium lysinate glycinate chelate and the patented di-magnesium malate from Albion® Laboratories, Inc., the world leader in patented mineral amino acid chelate and organic mineral acid complex research and development.