Integrations are meant to make any process easier and flow better. In this case, Fullscript’s integrations with EHR systems allow practitioners to prescribe supplements through either the Fullscript platform or the EHR platform and all unnecessary manual duplication is avoided. All information is updated on both systems, even if the input is only on one. There are so many benefits of an integrated EHR, with data showing an increase of 16% more revenue per month for an average Fullscript user who is integrated with an EHR, as well as 33% more RXs per week.

We are very excited to make dispensing supplements easier with our Jane EHR integration for all practitioners. With Jane, practitioners can rely on a user-friendly platform to schedule, chart and connect with their patients.

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Fullscript’s integration with Jane allows practitioners to optimize their practice!

Fullscript EHR integrations

At Fullscript, we are always looking to make dispensing supplements easier, and better for both the practitioners and patients. We envision a process that is optimized, to make it seamless to practice wellness. Our product is complemented with EHR system integrations such as Jane.

Integrations with EHR systems help:

  • Streamline patient information into one place for better workflow.
  • Avoid all duplications and multiple information inputs.
  • Optimize patient experience by directing recommendations, protocols, touch points, to one place.

With Fullscript, dispensing supplements online is easier than ever – introduce Jane to your practice and you start optimizing your practice, fully.

Jane & Fullscript working together

With this new opportunity for optimization, we want to set you up with all the resources to get started and integrate Fullscript and Jane. Read about features and functions, learn how you can get started and understand everything before you start using Jane with Fullscript. Get to know our new integration better!

Watch this quick tutorial about what the integration looks like:

A quick demonstration of how Jane integrates with the Fullscript platform.

Jane features

Jane is a health & wellness practice management tool, designed to be helpful for all practitioners regardless of their practice size, or location. The Jane app is user-friendly and can be utilized on any device. Modernize your daily workflow with Jane, while keeping all branding intact. The Jane app helps practitioners reduce overall admin time and helps with practice optimization.

Through Jane, you can access the following functions and features:

  • Brand your online booking and scheduling.
  • Improve electronic documentation and charts
  • Organize billing and insurance management
  • Optimize inventory management
  • Opt into robust reporting
  • Integrate payment processing
  • Link to various practice tools, including Fullscript

How to get started with this integration

This integration allows practitioners to avoid duplication when running their practice using both Jane and Fullscript. With two platforms helping execute different tasks but also avoiding the need for duplication, growing your practice has never been easier.

Benefits for Jane & Fullscript integration:

  • Work in the Jane app, while having the ability to add “Fullscript Recommendations”.
  • Search for and add Fullscript products (from the Fullscript Catalog) into Jane.
  • Use custom templates, previously created in Fullscript, in the Jane app.
  • Avoid logging recommendations separately, in both your Fullscript account and your Jane account.

Set up this integration

Getting started on the right foot is important. Follow these simple steps to set up this integration for your practice.

  1. Create your own Jane clinic key through Fullscript
  2. Link your Fullscript dispensary through the Jane app
  3. Configure the integration for your staff members and other practitioners.

For a more robust explanation on getting started, visit the Jane integration page!

Things to know before you set up

Before you get started, we wanted to offer some answers to frequently asked questions:

Q: How much does this integration cost?
A: Fullscript is a completely free platform that does not carry any fees or initial costs. Jane is priced out per license amount – for more information click here.

Q: Can I have multiple Fullscript accounts on one Jane account?
A: Yes! You can have multiple Fullscript accounts on one Jane account. To get more answers on this feature, contact us!

Q: What types of practitioners use Jane?
A: A wide variety of integrative practitioners choose Jane for their EHR. Main users include Physiotherapist, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Naturopathic Doctors, Counsellors, Dietitians, and Psychologists.

To gain access to this integration or to ask us any questions, simply contact Hala Alhafez, Fullscript’s Integration Specialist. We can’t wait to help optimize your practice while dispensing supplements online!

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