How To Increase Your Practice Efficiency With Front Office Staff

How To Increase Your Practice Efficiency With Front Office Staff


Fullscript empowers integrative practitioners to solve two big problems they face on a daily basis:

  1. Managing patient refills;
  2. Increasing patient adherence. 

Using Fullscript as part of your workflow, no matter how big or small your practice, has immense benefits—for both you and your patients.

We recently took things one step further.

When Fullscript is used – in any capacity – between practitioners, front office staff, and patients, we’ve seen a pretty significant boost in overall results, including revenue. Whatever the exact process or workflow used internally to fill prescriptions and checkout patients, Fullscript enables your practice to earn more revenue from supplements by capturing 66% more refills and increasing adherence by 70% or more.

“I see over half of our practice’s patients each day and the ability to share information with Dr. Pedre has saved us countless hours when devising a supplement plan. It’s quick and everything is in one place.” – Jamie Kyei-Frimping, Dr. Pedre Wellness, New York City.

If you currently have a front office manager or staff, or are considering hiring for this position, you’ll want to download this report and book a call with one of our Practice Specialists to see how we can help you make your job simpler, while helping to provide a better overall experience for your patients.

You can download the free case study here.

Don’t have front office staff, but still want to see how Fullscript can help you do more? We can help! Book a call with our practice specialists and we can show you how to get more from your account.

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