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Here’s The Data - Prescriptions Improve Your Practice

You’re busy. We get it, but when it comes to your patients and your business it’s worth taking the time to get it right. Creating a personalized treatment plan can be a bit more time-consuming than a self-serve model, so is it worth it? We’ve done a little digging and found some data that show how sending prescriptions will help you and your patients get the most out of your online dispensary.

When we looked at our top accounts by reorder compliance, we saw a striking difference in the number of reorders. Those who took the time to create a personalized treatment plan saw patients reorder on average 8.1 times, whereas there are only 3.2 reorders from patients without a treatment plan. That’s 153% increase in reorders just from sending a prescription or personalized recommendation! The benefits of taking this extra step are well worth it and it’s easier than ever to create a prescription with our new Advanced Search.

Self Serve Online Dispensary vs Personalized Recommendation

Sending personalized prescriptions is an objectively better approach, and it’s easier than ever with Fullscript’s user-friendly tools. If you aren’t seeing these results, or don’t know where to start, check out Dr. Vincent Pedre’s tips on how to write effective prescriptions.

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