Practitioners are using Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and other practice management software to help optimize their business, improve overall workflow, and centralize client care. The Healthie EHR is built with specific practitioners — and their needs — in mind.

Healthie is a HIPAA compliant practice management and telehealth platform designed to help wellness professionals, including health coaches, dietitians, and nutritionists, grow their practice while strengthening client relationships. And now, with the Fullscript EHR integration, practitioners can do all of this while recommending supplements to their clients and boosting adherence — without ever leaving the Healthie platform.

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Practitioners can now integrate their Healthie and Fullscript accounts!

Research shows that healthcare professionals see an increase in fulfilled recommendations and a boost in revenue when they integrate their EHR with Fullscript.

All U.S.-based practitioners can integrate now!

How do EHR integrations work with Fullscript?

While working in their EHR platform, practitioners can use the Fullscript advanced search function to browse the industry’s most comprehensive supplement catalog, write recommendations, leverage templates, and get client adherence support like automated refill reminders and autoship.

When practitioners integrate their EHR with Fullscript, they can:

  • Organize client data and view health history in one place
  • Minimize client confusion and boost adherence by sending them to one place for all their information and supplement needs
  • Use templates and create favorite lists, leaving more time to focus on the client
  • Improve visibility into client adherence through order tracking

“As a nutrition professional, my clients turn to me to recommend the right supplements for them. Fullscript allows me to search and save my favorite products. Now with Healthie’s integration with Fullscript, I can easily share and monitor every client recommendation right in my EHR platform. It’s a win-win for my business and my clients!”
— Stefanie, RD

Healthie features

The Healthie EHR helps practitioners save time, increase overall revenue, and improve practice outcomes such as workflow and client relationships. The tool makes it easy to welcome new clients with simple intake forms, recommend the best wellness plans, and follow up! It also makes it easy to communicate with and send reminders to clients, holding them accountable between visits so they can achieve the best results.

Healthie also helps practitioners with scheduling, consultations via video chat, billing and payment processing, template usage and creation, client engagement and education, as well as the ability for clients to share health, fitness, and nutrition tracking with their own health tech and wearables, like Fitbit.

The Healthie tool was specifically designed to help:

  • Health and wellness coaches/advocates
  • Nutritionists
  • Dietitians

The platform allows practitioners to browse and analyze client data in one place. It also makes it easy to create personalized plans and share educational content with clients to help them achieve their health and wellness goals.

Healthie’s top features include:

  • Client management, from onboarding new clients to automated follow-ups
  • Secure video chat consultations
  • Templates and treatment plans that are fully customizable
  • Integrations with client apps for more insights, like Fitbit
  • A Healthie mobile app for better client engagement

An added bonus — the Healthie and Fullscript platforms integrate very easily. It’s a straightforward, two-step process that can be done in minutes!

“I have just started using the Fullscript and Healthie integration and I’ve found it to be really useful with my clients. I like how the process of recommending supplements is streamlined through the Healthie platform, and I like having one place to go for my patient’s care plan, including their supplements.”
— W. Leonard, RD

Things to know before you set up the integration

Before you get started, here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Q: How much does Healthie cost?
A: Healthie pricing can be found here.

Q: Is there a cost to use Fullscript as a Healthie member?
A: No! All Healthie members can integrate with Fullscript and use it for free!

Watch a quick 1-minute demo of the integration and how it works.

The benefits of bringing together Fullscript and Healthie

Getting started with the Healthie and Fullscript integration is easy! In two quick steps, you’ll be able to:

  • Recommend high-quality supplements that suit individual client needs without leaving your Healthie account
  • Save time by easily searching and finding supplements based on categories, leveraging Fullscript templates, and creating your own favorite lists
  • Avoid tedious copying and pasting, as the integration automatically pulls data between your Fullscript and Healthie accounts

Set up this integration

Follow these 2 steps to set up the integration for your practice:

  1. Find and select the Fullscript widget in your Healthie dashboard
  2. Authorize Healthie to use Fullscript

For more information on getting started, visit our how-to integrate page.

Contact our onboarding specialists to get a free demo where you can ask questions! We can’t wait to help you optimize your practice while dispensing supplements online.

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