This webinar, co-hosted by Alan from Fullscript and Jeanne from Living Plate Rx, shows you how to easily set up and start dispensing supplements immediately from your Living Plate Rx platform.

In this webinar, they discussed:

  • How to incorporate food and supplements into the nutrition care conversations that you have with your clients
  • The Fullscript + Living Plate Rx Integration
  • Why it was developed
  • How to activate the integration
  • How to recommend Fullscript supplements within your Living Plate Rx account
  • Additional resources and next steps

Fullscript is the go-to-platform to dispense supplements and increase client engagement. The integration allows you to recommend supplements alongside your meal plans for your clients without ever leaving your Living Plate Rx account!

With the Fullscript and Living Plate Rx integration, Registered Dietitians, Nutritionist and other credentialed practitioners can:

Boost client engagement and adherence with autoship, refill reminders, and treatment-specific handouts.
Optimize the practitioner workflow by avoiding the need to duplicate the work and keep client information organized in one platform.
Manage and grow their practice from anywhere with a powerful new revenue stream

Add this integration and complement your meal plans with professional-grade supplements!

Resources shared in this webinar include:

To get started with this integration, simply sign up for Living Plate Rx and sign up for Fullscript then follow the instructions here to integrate.