This insightful webinar was hosted by Fullscript and ChARM EHR. They sat down with Dr. Mikhail Kogan, MD, ABIOM, RCST, and his team at the GW Center for Integrative Medicine to discuss managing a clinic during the current healthcare landscape.

They discussed:

  • How the Fullscript + ChARM EHR integration work
  • The benefits of optimizing your workflow with this integration
  • Specific tips and tricks on utilizing the integration to maximize efficiency
  • Tips on effectively running an integrative practice in the face of the changing healthcare landscape

GW Center for Integrative Medicine uses Fullscript as the ultimate platform to easily dispense supplements and gain better patient engagement within their EHR with ChARM EHR.

If you do not have a Fullscript account, sign up here and receive 10 free shipping credits to try Fullscript with your patients. And if you do not have a ChARM EHR account, feel free to sign up here. You will be connected with a support staff and receive state of the art customization and support.