Catalog Updates (US) -  November 2020

We’re excited to share a new brand along with new products that we’ve added to the Fullscript catalog, all of which was made possible by your support and feedback!

New Brand

Founded by full-time fisherman Dave Barlean and his son, Barlean’s manufacturers of some of America’s best-selling Omega-3 supplements. The family began by discovering a better way to press flaxseed and now continues to stay ahead of the innovation curve by producing high-quality, innovative products. The company has won numerous awards including the #1 Health Food Store Brand and Manufacturer of the Year, and strive to make a difference in the world through ordinary purchases. Their line now includes a wide range of products such as CBD hemp oil, digestive support, fish and flax oils, immune support, and even pet supplements.

New Products

Herb Pharm Oat Seed 4oz
Ndal Laboratories Sinus Cleanser 20ml
Nutritional Frontiers Sugar Solve 120c
Nutritional Frontiers Immunomax III 180c
Seeking Health StrateGene® DNA Kit – Tube
Seeking Health StrateGene® DNA Test Kit – Swab