Boston Massachusetts August 16th, 2021 –

Boston BioLife, a world leader in scientific education for healthcare professionals, is pleased to announce a strategic marketing and educational relationship with Fullscript, integrative health’s leading online platform.

Fullscript is free-to-use and integrates with any practice. Its catalog offers over 300 practitioner-grade brands. Fullscript also supports practices beyond the point-of-care with adherence-boosting tools, automated marketing support, and curated patient wellness content, keeping patients on track and medical practices top-of-mind.

The goal of the partnership is to provide easy access to potential therapies that can benefit a wide variety of patients. The collaboration will facilitate access to the latest in personalized precision medicine and preventive medicine while promoting overall better health for patients.

“We see the relationship with Fullscript as an important strategic partnership in providing resources for our healthcare providers to offer new beneficial products and therapies to their patients,” said President of the Boston BioLife Joseph Krieger.

“Boston BioLife’s dedication to helping medical professionals achieve their goals through educational training programs and resources aligns perfectly with our mission,” said Fullscript Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Gladd, MD. “Together, we’ll continue to support healthcare practitioners in their efforts to care for patients.”

Those who know the two brands feel this partnership will benefit all its stakeholders.

“As a customer of both Boston BioLife and Fullscript, this is exciting news,” said John Halpert, president of Berkeley Biology. “The relationship between the two will have tremendous benefit to both technology providers and patients alike through the continuing education of healthcare providers.”

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About Boston BioLife

Boston BioLife is a leader in scientific education focusing on Personalized Precision Medicine; Functional / Translational Medicine; and Regenerative Medicine. Boston BioLife focuses on healthcare-related scientific Innovations that have the biggest potential to help a patient in need. Boston BioLife will be hosting its 28th consecutive meeting: Biochemistry of Translational Medicine: The Role of Functional & Regenerative Medicine in Personalized Precision Health September 24-26, 2021, in San Diego, CA. For More information on this please visit:

About Fullscript

Fullscript is a free supplement dispensing platform and treatment adherence tool that supports practitioners at the point of care and beyond.

Choose virtual dispensing, in-office sales, group care, or whatever mix fits your workflow. Recommend industry-leading supplements then use treatment adherence features to automate refills, educate, and promote wellness from anywhere.

For further information: For interviews and more information contact Bruce Smith, Senior Manager of Public Relations at 613.897.2973 or [email protected]