Integrations are important, especially when it comes to streamlining a practice and making everyday work, better and faster, without sacrificing quality! Many integrations provide solutions to practitioners, such as tracking patient health activity while dispensing the right supplements. This may sound like a dream, but in fact, we’re making it happen! We’re excited to announce the Fullscript and BodySite integration.

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Fullscript’s integration with BodySite allows practitioners to enroll patients into specific wellness programs with guided protocols.

Did you know?
Data shows, practitioners that have integrations with their Fullscript supplement dispensary see an increase of 16% more revenue per month and 33% more RXs per week.

With our new lifestyle management integration, BodySite, we are excited to help practitioners grow their practice while optimizing the wellness they provide to patients.

Fullscript integrations

Fullscript aims to create great partnerships with systems and tools. Due to our in-house development team, our platform is capable of integrating with a variety of tools such as BodySite’s lifestyle manager.

Using Fullscript, a practitioner’s way of dispensing supplement has never been easier. With features like advanced search in our 300+ supplement brand filled catalog, as well as autoship options to help patient adherence, the Fullscript online supplement dispensary is the way to go! The complementary integrations allow our tool to offer more.

BodySite & Fullscript working together

BodySite brings a new patient experience to allow practitioners to help patients through a program-based model, with multiple tracking functions. Patients can take charge of their health data by following protocols and recommendations while inputting daily information about their wellness plans. Practitioners are then able to see the results and follow up accordingly.

With this new BodySite integration, practitioners can increase engagement with their patients. Before you start using BodySite with Fullscript we want to help explain some of the feature and functions available to you.

Want to visually learn about this integration? Check out this quick tutorial:

A quick demonstration of how BodySite integrates with the Fullscript platform.

BodySite features

Lifestyle guidance is what BodySite’s cloud-based software has to offer. It’s most sought-out feature is patient access, through a mobile app, for health data entry. By following their practitioner’s guidance and support on a daily basis, patients can interact with their health goals. With protocols and programs available, you, as a practitioner, can pick and choose what is best for each of your patients. BodySite also has the ability to gather input from patients regarding their calories intakes and track progress including water intake, steps, exercise, sleep, and weight. Having all of this information about your patients can optimize follow-ups and overall wellness.

Through BodySite, you can access the following features and functions:

  • Patient enrollment in a variety of programs and guided protocols
  • Patient meal/food tracker
  • Patient overall activity tracker
  • Patient communication in real-time
  • Patient wellness tracker based on body behaviors
  • Management optimization with unlimited staff accounts

The BodySite App is also supported by both iOS and Android. Patients are able to download the mobile app and use it on a daily basis with their smartphones.

How to get started with this integration

This integration allows practitioners to recommend, fulfill and track supplement information in their patient profiles within BodySite. This avoids duplication of information and helps practitioners gather more wellness data for their patients. Please note this integration is only available for practitioners in the U.S. 

Benefits of the BodySite & Fullscript integration:

  • Use guided protocols and recommendations to get patients on track.
  • Increase supplement adherence by gathering daily insights.
  • Improve overall wellness of patients in the long-term by providing complementary lifestyle and dietary supplements recommendations.
  • Avoid missing data – easy in-app tracking and avoid directing patients to multiple platforms for their healthcare.

Set up this integration

Making sure you set up the integration is important, especially with the amount of data that you will see. Follow these 2 steps to set up this integration for your practice.

  1. Create your own BodySite clinic key through Fullscript.
  2. Configure the integration between your Fullscript account and BodySite for your staff members and other practitioners.

For a more robust explanation on getting started, visit the BodySite integration page!

Things to know before you set up

Before you get started with the integration, here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

How much does BodySite cost?
Fullscript users get a 20% discount off the monthly price. Details can be found here.

Are there ready-made programs that I can use?
Yes! There are 60 programs including diet, exercise, mindfulness and weight loss available via BodySite.

Can I customize or make my own programs?
Yes! You can customize current programs and add more content and supplements. You can always build your own programs as well.

How do patients access their program or care information?
They will access their program and all of the tracking features right inside your own private labeled web portal or in the BodySite app available for iOS and Android.

To gain access to this integration or to ask us any questions, simply contact Hala Alhafez, Fullscript’s Integration Specialist. We can’t wait to help optimize your practice while dispensing supplements online!

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