The future of medicine is integrative. Watch our short documentary, as seen on CBS News.
supplements – but make them chocolate blog post
Supplements – but make them Chocolate
Discover a delicious and science-backed way to break up your patient's supplement routine.
from blood test to treatment in one solution with optimal dx + fullscript blog post
From Blood Test to Treatment in One Solution with Optimal DX + Fullscript
Extract meaningful results from blood chemistry analysis and incorporate supplements today.
groups, courses, and online trainings:  how to move beyond private practice for leveraged income blog post
Groups, Courses, and Online Trainings: How To Move Beyond Private Practice for Leveraged Income
Learn how to create a one-to-many model and move clients into a longer commitment.
methylation meets gut health blog post
Methylation Meets Gut Health
Learn about the role of phosphatidylcholine and histamine in intestinal disorders.
diabetes: a new breakthrough blog post
Diabetes: A New Breakthrough
Examine the current conventional treatments for Diabetes and the concerns surrounding them.
gastrointestinal health & the impact on systems biology blog post
Gastrointestinal Health & the Impact on Systems Biology
Discuss how improving gut health can support overall functional capacity and healthy outcomes.
functional herbal therapy and cancer prevention blog post
Functional Herbal Therapy and Cancer Prevention
Discover well-informed herbal strategies to tackle the challenge of cancer prevention.
antioxidant supplementation for male and female fertility blog post
Antioxidant Supplementation for Male and Female Fertility
Dive into the impact of oxidative stress on fertility & how to support it with antioxidant supplementation.
help cure your patients of gamophobia (fear of commitment) blog post
Help Cure your Patients of Gamophobia (Fear of Commitment)
Help increase patient adherence, encourage better outcomes, and increase your profitability.