Dr. Sachin Patel

Dr. Sachin Patel

Fullscript user since 2017

The Fullscript treatment plan tool is a powerful way for me to give my patients the right instruction with the right supplements. It’s convenient for me and for them while making my life easier and wellness more accessible.

Lightning talks

Advice from integrative health practitioners who have walked the walk and successfully created their own virtual practices.

They’re sharing tips to get your practice and patients online in brief, digestible talks, each of which can be watched before your coffee finishes brewing. Stay tuned as we continue adding resources to support your virtual practice.

Practicing virtually - a Fullscrip t education series

Right now, practitioners everywhere are confronted with unprecedented challenges in providing patients with the care they deserve. At Fullscript, we are uniquely positioned to support the healthcare community in transitioning to delivering care, virtually.

We’ve gathered industry experts and leading digital health tools to support practitioners as they integrate virtual care into their practices. Whether it’s finding the right tools for the job, getting comfortable with delivering virtual care, or transitioning patients to online treatments, we’re committed to curating supportive resources. And we’re just getting started, with more content being created on a regular basis as we continue to rise to this challenge, together.


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Educational articles

The Fullscript Integrative Medical Advisory Team has curated resources, tips, and guides to help you launch and expand your virtual practice so you can provide patient care, anywhere.


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