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About patient wellness content

This year, we’re dedicating more resources to curating wellness education for patients.

Under this program, we’re sending bi-weekly emails to patients containing practical, trustworthy content that’s carefully researched and created by our Integrative Medical Advisory Team.

This content complements practitioner recommendations, offering a more holistic integrative health experience that places value on knowledge.

Recently published articles


Here’s a look at what content is coming up:

What Are Polyphenols? Health Benefits For Heart Heart And More
Polyphenols such as flavonoids, phenolic acids, and stilbenes possess a treasure trove of health benefits, including heart and gut health.
Natural Sunburn Relief: 5 Home Remedies for Sunburn
Prevention is best; however, if sunburn does occur, natural relief remedies can be used to soothe symptoms and support the healing process.
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The golden rules

We’ve created a set of golden rules to ensure that our content will complement and reinforce your recommendations.

We will never:

  • Undermine a practitioner protocol
  • Recommend products or Treatment plans
  • Recommend a practitioner type
  • Talk about how to treat specific health conditions

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