Dispense the way that works for you

With Fullscript, you can send online supplement plans or order wholesale for in-office sales from a trusted catalog. Your patients get better products; you get a new revenue stream.

Send online supplement plans to patients without stocking inventory and offer savings, earn a custom profit margin, or both.

Stock products in-office with 20,000+ of the best wholesale supplements and wellness products all in one place.

Conveniently track your online dispensing sales and wholesale orders, and keep patients engaged with automated refill reminders.


We know all of our brand partners on a first-name basis

Fullscript has 1:1 relationships with its brand partners. Large online retailers with third-party resellers can’t always pinpoint the source of their products, and, as a result, quality may suffer.

Manage your patients’ supplements with automated tools


Be your patients’ best source for supplements