Get a sneak peek at your upgraded account

The new Fullscript experience lets you work faster while offering brand-new decision support tools to help you build the best possible supplement plans easily and efficiently.

Work more efficiently

Speed up your workflow with a simplified experience. An intuitive left-hand menu helps you navigate your account more efficiently to save you time and effort.

Explore new products and treatments

Discover new products, resources, and treatment approaches on the Explore page in the Catalog. Products are sorted by ingredient, type, popularity, and more.

Find what you need faster

Discover more accurate search results when you order wholesale or build supplement plans with an improved product catalog search engine and results filters.

Save your eyes and battery

Reduce strain on your eyes with dark mode, or use it to suit your personal browsing preferences and preserve battery life.

Save time choosing the perfect products

Accelerate your decision-making with smart product comparisons that optimize your product choices by automatically comparing them to others with the same ingredient.*

*Only for select products at launch. More to come!

Save time collecting supplement info

Simplify information sharing by letting patients easily submit and update a list of their current supplements (even products not on Fullscript) from your existing workflow.

Get ingredient summaries

Receive an automated breakdown of your patients’ ingredient intakes. Fullscript takes patient input and generates daily total and individual product ingredient summaries for you.

Watch video tutorials

Learn how to explore your account, find your patients, build supplement plans, and order wholesale in the new Fullscript experience.

Exploring your new account

3 mins – Understand how your account is organized so you can find what you need faster.

Finding your patients

2 mins – See where your patient profiles and their Fullscript orders live.

Building supplement plans

4 mins – Learn to build an optimized supplement plan with an enhanced search engine and new clinical decision support tools.

Ordering wholesale

2 mins – Familiarize yourself with how to place a wholesale order in the new Fullscript experience.


Want a personalized walkthrough?

Book a demo with one of our Fullscript specialists.

Here’s how to update to the new experience

Update your account with a couple of clicks in only a few seconds. Fullscript account owners will have 30 days to upgrade before automatically getting the new experience for free. 

Get notified

Fullscript account owners will be notified when their 30-day free upgrade window begins. Make the switch when it’s convenient.

Start your update

Select any “Start update” button in your account to begin. Your account will instantly update and unlock new tools without affecting your data.

Get started

You’re ready to explore your new, modernized workspace and take advantage of new tools to optimize your patient care.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to update my account?

Once notified, you’ll have 30 days to upgrade your account. This allows you to choose to make the move at a time that works best for your practice. We know incorporating any change into your workflow can be challenging – and we’re here to help. You’ll find resources leading up to your eligibility window to show you exactly what’s changing and why, so you’re comfortable with the new experience before you update your account. After your 30-day window, your account will be automatically switched over to the upgraded Fullscript platform.

When can I get my new, upgraded account?

Starting in early 2024, store owners will be notified that they’ll have the ability to update their Fullscript account. When it’s your turn to make the move to the new Fullscript, the store owner will have 30 days to apply the update before it gets automatically applied. Once the upgrade is activated, it will instantly apply to all sub-practitioners and staff – so pick a date that works best for your entire practice.

Will this update cost me anything?

No! The new experience and decision support tools will become part of your Fullscript account, all still for $0/month. It’s a more premium experience – but comes at absolutely no cost to you or your patients.

How will this affect my patients?

Nothing is changing on the patient side of Fullscript. The look, feel, and functionality of their Fullscript account will not change. However, you will unlock a new feature that allows your patients to capture the supplements they’re currently taking through their account prior to any appointment and on an ongoing basis.

How can I get help if I need it?

We have a world-class team here to help you!
If you have questions or are interested in learning more about the upgraded Fullscript experience, please explore our Support Center or reach out to our Customer Success Team at 1-866-807-3828.