What you get with your student account

Students can sign-up with Fullscript and gain access to the industry’s highest-quality supplements for themselves, friends, and family members.

Practice writing supplements plan with evidence-based resources

Write plans as a student practitioner
Practice writing personalized supplement plans and sharing customized protocols before you start your first practice.

Resource library
Complete your supplement plans with evidence-based guides, handouts, and infographics — all written and reviewed by our Integrative Medical Advisory Team.

Practitioner is dispensing quality products to patient

Recommend supplements for friends and family
With the exception of managing discounts, you can master the platform and get familiar with online dispensing.

Commitment to quality
All brands in our catalog prioritize quality with measures like ingredient validation and contaminants testing. (Note: Certain brand restrictions may apply until graduation and conversion to a full practitioner account).

A person is making personal and wholesale orders

Supplements ordering
Place personal or wholesale orders at a product’s retail price less a 25% (Canada) or 35% (US) student discount.
(Note: Only students in the US have access to wholesale, but only for personal use).

Once you’ve graduated and your credential is approved, you can start adding clients, set up profit margins, monitor treatment adherence, and much more.

A practitioner is studying and researching new knowledge

Like you, we never stop learning

Access industry-leading resources in our knowledge center.

Tap into free, evidence-based, and comprehensive education materials at your convenience or gain Continuing Education (CE) credits through specific courses in Fullscript Academy.

Frequently asked questions

What qualifications are required for a Fullscript student account?

Student ordering accounts are for those with credentials that prove enrolment at an accredited institution, for a program that leads to a medical or an integrative health designation. You can read more instructions for student account setup here.

Please note student accounts are for individuals heading towards licensure. Programs leading to unlicensed designations may not be accepted.

Do students get access to the same products as practitioners?

There are a few brands that will not show in the catalog until a student has graduated and upgraded to a full practitioner account.

As a student, can I use the Fullscript platform to write supplement plans and send recommendations to clients?

Your student account is not for active practice. That being said, you may add yourself — as well as friends and family members who are not paying for your services — and use those profiles to practice writing personalized treatment plans and recommending supplements with your student discount. You may also purchase products from the catalog for yourself or friends and family directly through the in-office checkout feature.

What additional features can I look forward to once I graduate?

Once you’ve upgraded to a practitioner account, you’ll get lots of additional benefits, like being able to:

  • Set your dispensary to either a profit or non-profit account.
  • Adjust your margins to determine the discount, if any, you’d like to pass along to patients, and what share of the MSRP you’d like to mark as revenue for your practice.
  • Start adding real clients, and using the Rx tool to write treatment plans and recommend supplements as part of your wellness plan.
  • Integrate Fullscript with one of our partner EHRs to help manage your practice and track patient history.
  • Get access to more brands in the catalog.
  • Add additional practitioners or staff to your dispensary.

Start building your future practice today

Manage and dispense healthcare’s best supplements.