Watch Fullscript come to life in the Toolbox Genomics platform

Key features

CLIA/CAP certified labs ensure a high level of analytical validity
Genetic education available from experts
Test once on the DNA array and have multiple panels and SNP’s to choose from. Patients don’t need to retest or redo samples.
End to end genetics and epigenetics solutions with new panels being added constantly.
White label opportunities available for practitioners.
Eliminate the guesswork – Order, review, print, and release results to clients in one solution
Drive improved outcomes with Health Action Plans that include genetic and epigenetic insights as well as agnostic supplement recommendations and further testing.

How to integrate your Fullscript and Toolbox Genomics platforms:

First, make sure you have both a Toolbox Genomics and Fullscript account. Use FULLSCRIPT1 (for a $69 discount, to be used twice per user) or FULLSCRIPT2 (for a $138 discount, to be used when the user has 2 or more panels in their cart).

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Integration guide

integrations partner screenshot of location of Fullscript in navigation bar of Toolbox genetics

1. Log into Toolbox Genomics and click “Fullscript” from the main navigation bar.

integrations partner screenshot of Fullscript authorization pop-up

2. Click on Access Fullscript and follow the prompts to authorize the application by logging in or signing up.

Frequently asked questions

What types of practiitoners can use Toolbox Genomics?

Toolbox Genomics has different types of products.

HealthcarePro (HCP) Products have been developed for licensed healthcare practitioners such as a MD, NP, DO, DC, NMD, PA, PharmD, RN, or Dietitian who can order lab testing under your licensure within your state of practice.

WellnessPro (WPRO) Products have been developed for Dietitians, Health Coaches, Trainers, Nutritionists, RNs, and other wellness professionals.

How does Toolbox Genomics work?

Toolbox Genomics is a data interpretation service. They take genetic data generated by a CLIA/CAPP certified lab and compare it against hundreds of genetic markers that their research team has identified as significant.

Providers can create a free account, and order different ready made or custom panels for their patients. Patients can pay, complete the extraction and send the kits back for testing. Providers will get a full health action plan with recommendations.

How can I find the right panel for my patient?

All our kits and panels come with a thorough description or what the test is and what it is designed to look for. We also have panels from key opinion leaders in the industry for providers who follow the industry of epigenetics. If you are unsure where to start, we also have a panel finder tool.

What is the pricing structure for Toolbox Genomics?

Creating an account with Toolbox Genomics is free as well as using the integration. Providers simply order tests to be sent to the patients. The patients pay for tests. The pricing varies between the panels and depends on whether the patients are bundling some panels together. Toolbox Genomics attempts to optimize the shopping experience to offer you the best possible bundle discount.

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