Watch Fullscript come to life in the Oova platform

How to integrate your Fullscript and Oova platforms:

First, make sure you have both an Oova and Fullscript account.

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Integration guide

1. Log into your Oova account

Click Patients from the panel left hand navigation to begin.

2. Link your Fullscript account

Scroll down to Integrations and click Link your Fullscript account  to begin the integration process.

3. Select your country

Select either the United States or Canada button depending on your location.

4. Sign up or log into Fullscript

The page will redirect and you will then be prompted to sign up or sign in to a Fullscript account.

5. Initiate the integration

After signing up or logging in, complete the step by clicking the Agree button.

6. Verify the integration

The page will return to Oova and you should receive notice that you have successfully connected to Fullscript. To verify the integration was successful, there will be a Unlink your Fullscript account button in the Integrations section of the user profile.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Oova cost?

The cost is $159 for a monthly hormone testing kit that includes LH, PdG, and E3G. This includes 15 tests measuring LH, progesterone, and estrogen sent to patients every month, 1:1 coaching with fertility experts and access to Oova’s community and members-only events.

Do I have to add clients to Fullscript before sending them a Recommendation in Oova?

No, Oova allows users to add clients to Fullscript upon creating their first recommendation for that specific client. Users will click the Add Client to Fullscript button, found on the Fullscript tab in a client’s profile, and begin building the first plan. The client’s basic information will be transmitted to Fullscript and they will receive the standard setup notifications via email.

Does Oova support multidisciplinary clinics?

Yes, it does. The integration can connect with one Fullscript account and any additional Practitioners under the same account. 

What types of practitioners use Oova?

A variety of practitioners utilize Oova. Main users of the integrations are Nutritionists, Licensed Acupuncturists, Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors and Registered Dietitians.

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