Watch Fullscript and MyHerbPharm come to life

Key features

Patient and practitioner management. Create patient profiles and share information with patients with prescription history that is time and date stamped for charting purposes.
Prescription builder. The software is ​​designed to aid practitioners through the prescriptions writing process ensuring everything is done easy, accurate and swift.
Conversion. Convert your dosages from Raw to Granular and vice versa with accuracy in just one click.
Formula finder. This helpful function guides practitioners to get formulas based on patients' disease and pattern.
Suggested dosages. Write prescriptions in a fraction of the time with intuitive online tools for conversion and suggested dosage.

How to integrate your Fullscript and MyHerbPharm platforms:

First, make sure you have both a Fullscript and MyHerbPharm account.

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Create a Fullscript account

Get started with MyHerbPharm

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Integration guide

MyherbPharmintegrations partner interface

1. Click on the Fullscript widget

The Fullscript widget is available on the MyHerbPharm homepage, as soon as you login to your MyHerbPharm account. Click on the widget to connect your Fullscript account.

MyherbPharm integration screenshot of Fullscript sign up/sign in page

2. Sign in or Sign up for Fullscript

Follow the prompts to sign in or sign up for Fullscript. You can sign in with your current Fullscript credentials or create new ones.

MyHerbPharm integration partner screenshot of Fullscript integration

3. Agree to the integration scopes

Read about the integration scopes and click Agree to complete the setup process. You will be redirected to your MyHerbPharm homepage.

Frequently asked questions

How much does MyHerbPharm cost?

MyHerbPharm costs $59 a month for its pro plan and $19 a month for its student plan. Patients can set up an account on MyHerbPharm for free. Please refer to the MyHerbPharm site for more details.

What types of practitioners use MyHerbPharm?

MyHerbPharm is primarily used by acupuncturists and herbalists.

Do I have to add clients to Fullscript before sending them a recommendation in MyHerbPharm?

No, MyHerbPharm allows users to add patients to Fullscript upon creating their first recommendation for that specific client. In the embedded Fullscript recommendation tool, users can click the Create new patient button and enter the necessary details. After clicking the Create and start recommendation button, the client’s basic information will be transmitted to Fullscript and they will receive the standard setup notifications via email.

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