Watch Fullscript come to life in the Kalix platform

Key features

HIPAA-compliant telehealth: Practice virtually with video appointments that make it easy to send files, screenshare, offer chat functionality, and hold group appointments.
Secure client messaging: Stay in touch with clients from anywhere by sending direct messages that can include attachments using a secure chat platform.
Appointments and scheduling: Use a flexible calendar platform that integrates with your website booking system to manage appointments and schedules in Kalix.
Client tracking app: Watch your clients’ progress along with them, using an integrated app that tracks food, nutrient intake, exercise, and weight changes.
Smart client reminders: Send automated client reminders for appointments and payments using patient-preferred communication methods like text and email.
Billing and integrated payments: Process invoices and insurance claims in Kalix from both online or in-person payments. Use the HIPAA-compliant e-fax to send letters, notes, and uploads.
E-signing and online forms: Save time and go virtual with electronic agreements and online client forms that can be signed digitally.

How to integrate your Fullscript and Kalix platforms:

First, make sure you have both a Kalix and Fullscript account.

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Integration guide

Kalix account page displayed on a laptop

1. Connect Fullscript to the Kalix platform

Once you’ve logged into Kalix, click on your name or business’ name in the top right corner. Click on ‘Account Settings,’ and then ‘Integrations.’

screenshot of a step to authorize the application to complete the account integration

2. Authorize Fullscript

Use your Fullscript credentials (username and password) to login to Fullscript. You’ll be prompted to authorize Kalix to access your account. Click “Authorize Application” to complete.

screenshot of a step to confirm the practitioner account

3. Confirm that it’s you!

Once you authorize access to your Fullscript account, you’ll be prompted to confirm which practitioner account in Fullscript you want to connect to Kalix.

Kalix account page displayed on a laptop

Want a step-by-step tutorial?

See how easy it is to sync your Fullscript and [EHR] accounts, and learn tips and tricks for getting the most out of the integration. Watch the tutorial, now.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Kalix cost?

The pricing for Kalix is simple, scalable, and transparent. There are various plans as low as $27 per month, and flexible payment options with a free one month trial. More information for pricing can be found here.

I'm new to Kalix. How can I redeem my Fullscript promo code to receive 20% off the first year of my Kalix subscription?

All new Kalix members receive a free 30-day trial. To redeem your promo code after that, you must first subscribe to Kalix. Then, click on your name in the top right-hand side of your account, click ‘subscription’ and follow the prompts to select a plan that fits your needs. Under ‘referral code,’ type in ‘fullscript20’ and click ‘confirm’ to activate your subscription.

What types of practitioners commonly use Kalix?

Kalix was built for dietitians and integrative healthcare professionals. It’s a great tool for solo practitioners and small clinics, as well as virtual practices of all sizes.

Can I view a full history of my patients’ Fullscript recommendations in Kalix?

Absolutely! After setting up the integration, your Kalix account will match your patient accounts and display full Rx history within Kalix — even for recommendations written before the integration.

If I add a patient in Fullscript, does that patient automatically get added in Kalix?

The integration does not function that way. If the bulk of your patients are on your Fullscript platform, connect with our support team to download your patient list and upload it onto Kalix. However, if you add a new patient in Kalix, the patient will automatically be added or matched to an existing patient (via matching email addresses) on Fullscript after writing a recommendation in Kalix.

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