Power2Practice is a driving force in integrative health, helping foster healthier practices and healthier lives. Built on a specialized EMR and practice management platform, Power2Practice helps practices improve their business, simplify care, and increase patient satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive patient charting
  • Intuitive patient portal
  • Complete front office solution
  • Intuitive charting modules, including IV therapy, custom compounds, and specialty labs
  • Nutraceutical virtual dispensary with Fullscript
  • Customized notes templates

How to set up your Fullscript integration:

1. Authorize the Fullscript application

As the practice admin user, login to your Power2Practice account, and click on the menu tab at the top right-hand corner, and then click on “Admin” from the drop down menu. Find the Fullscript configuration section and click on the “Click to Integrate” button. After logging into your Fullscript account, click on “Authorize Application”.

2. Match your P2P practitioners to your Fullscript practitioners.

Click back on the same button now saying “Choose HCP’s to Integrate”. Then user the drop down menus to match the providers on P2P to the practitioners on Fullscript.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

There are various types of accounts with Power2Practice, at different prices. Information can be found by emailing sales@power2practice.com.

How does Power2Practice support multidisciplinary clinics?

Your Power2Practice account allows you to add your staff members and other practitioners to your main account. Each sub-account can have varying access to information and features depending on the clinic. Each sub-account can also be integrated into the Fullscript’s sub account by using the practitioner ID key.

Can we view recommendations previously written on Fullscript in Power2Practice?

Not at the moment. Recommendations that have previously been written on Fullscript will continue to exist in your Fullscript account but they won’t be shown on your Power2Practice chart view.

What types of practitioners use Power2Practice?

Power2Practice is an EMR for functional and integrative medicine practitioners mainly Medical Doctors, Osteopathic Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Naturopathic doctors.

Does Power2Practice migrate all existing patient data from my old EMR?

Power2Practice will migrate patient demographic information, such as emails, addresses and phone numbers. At this time, Power2Practice’s data migration services do not include patient health histories, chart notes or lab reports. However, the Power2Practice implementation specialists do provide lots of tips and tricks for populating this data.

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