Integrative medicine. Better for everyone.

Watch Fullscript’s Chief Medical Officer and practicing integrative practitioner Dr. Gladd, MD explain the definition, benefits, and practical considerations of integrative medicine.

Why do we call it “integrative” medicine?

1 min – Learn the true medical definition of the word “integrative” and how it may not mean what you think.

How to practice integrative medicine

3 min – Learn about the core principles of integrative medicine and how you can start implementing it in your practice.

Fullscript’s role in integrative medicine

3 min – Learn how Fullscript makes integrative care simple and effective with innovative tools and quality products.


The organizations driving integrative medicine forward

Meet some of Fullscript’s partners and collaborators in the field.

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How Fullscript’s platform simplifies integrative care

Over 70,000 practitioners serving 5M+ patients use Fullscript for better outcomes. Explore how its platform simplifies each stage of the integrative care cycle.

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Fullscript Academy
A free educational platform for practitioners looking to provide or hone a personalized, preventative approach to care. Gain evidence-based skills and CE/CME credits on your own schedule.

Do you triage patients and collect information in your EHR? Fullscript integrates with leading practice software to help you use Fullscript features in your existing workflow.

integrative medicine treatment planning guide

Treatment plan tool
Build virtual treatment plans including personalized instructions, patient handouts, supplements, and wellness products.

Decision support
Get decision support for supplement recommendations and dosages along with pre-made protocols, condition catalog search, product swapping, and an ingredient library.

Practitioner and patient education
Find evidence-based guides, handouts, and infographics in your Fullscript account plus an award-winning knowledge center online with expert blog posts, research, and webinars.


Virtual dispensing
Dispense supplements to your patients’ doors, taking a margin or not, to grow your practice and make wellness affordable and convenient.

Wholesale ordering
Place wholesale supplement orders to dispense healthcare’s best wellness products to patients from the comfort of your clinic. Use On-site Rx to activate automated refill reminders.

Shareable protocols
Share a protocol with your patients instantly, promote it publicly, batch-send to multiple patients, or share it with other practitioners.

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Automated reminders and shipping
Patients get refill reminders based on a product’s units and your recommended dosage. They can also set up Autoship to schedule automatic refills of your recommendations.

Insights dashboard
Monitor and measure treatment adherence to better support your patients and intervene as needed with automated adherence surveys.

Patient engagement programs
Patients can receive bi-weekly wellness content to keep your practice top-of-mind and Fullscript-led patient promos boost adherence and revenue with no added work.

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Let’s deliver better care together

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