Our platform is only as good as the engineers who build it

Our team takes pride in the work that we do and lives by the motto, “leave it cleaner than you found it.”

From a passion that is driven by different disciplines and backgrounds, we have collectively become a wealth of experience and knowledge that delivers quickly and collaboratively.

At Fullscript you get to:

  • Work on a platform that has a positive impact and improves people’s lives.
  • Tackle interesting challenges which involve scalability and performance.
  • Contribute ideas which directly impact our success.
  • Be part of a high-growth tech company, where you’re able to influence the culture and trajectory.

An emphasis on action

Pushing boundaries is our thing. We harness collective genius in order to test feature direction in a quick, low-risk way. We value identifying untapped potential and room for improvement — and we make the most of it!

Lean and fast-paced

We empower our developers to think critically and make real changes by working in agile and autonomous teams. We move fast and ship multiple times per day.


We manage the company against how happy our users are. We make decisions quickly and focus on the long-term vision. We use data to make the best possible decisions.

We move quickly and deliver high-quality products

We’re a high-growth tech company - and time matters! 
We move quickly and value delivering high-quality products to our stakeholders as quickly as we can.

Done is better than perfect (but you need to ensure that it’s still great). Be proud of what you create. All team members should strive to deliver work that will scale and can be iterated in the future.

20+ deployments per day

Use the tools you love

Fullscript is written with Ruby on Rails and our product is built on our internal GraphQL API. On the front-end, we’re using React, TypeScript, and Apollo to create top-notch experiences for our users.

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Fuel your growth

We are building an organization where people thrive, grow in their careers, and have a high impact through their work. Here’s how we’re helping to ensure that happens.

Practice what you preach

We don't just say we care about quality software; through code reviews, automated testing, and user feedback, we make quality software our priority.

Ongoing education

Our educational budget helps ensure that our team is up to speed on industry trends, through conferences, books, online courses, and more.

Knowledge sharing

We nurture growth and development through feedback loops and our team mentorship program. We encourage collaboration through our workshops, meetups, and bi-weekly dev talks.

Flexible hours

Not everyone digs the 9 to 5. That's why we want our employees to work when they’re feeling most productive and adjust their hours accordingly.

Be a builder

Deploy code from day one. We have a personal stake of ownership in the work we do, which leads to quality craftsmanship in the code we write.

10% time

We hire good people and trust them to do good work. We believe that 10% time turbocharges innovation. Every Friday, we give our team full autonomy to work on anything they want.


The health of our people relies on the health of our planet. We are certified carbon-neutral, taking our first big step in creating a more sustainable future.

Health and wellness

Reach your health goals with our full benefits plan, discounts on our supplement catalog, and company-wide health and wellness programs.

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging

Our dedicated DEIB Council ensures we advocate for equality and encourage positive change within ourselves and the community. We value the unique qualities and perspectives of our team.

Learn more.

What our teammates think

My teammates are curious and motivated. Everyone here wants to learn more and be better. They seek out criticism. There are no egos here. Also, everyone is just kind, considerate, and fun to be around!
Andrew Markle – Senior Ruby Engineer
Working with a modern tech stack on rails and react means I get to move fast and have a real impact. This couldn't have been possible without leadership that trusts you to get your work done. I love it!
Alfred Pararajasingam – Ruby Developer II
What I love most about the dev culture at Fullscript is its values of respect, collaboration, and willingness to learn new technologies. This team has fueled my professional goals and personal growth.
Catherine Aylward – UX Engineer II
Andrew Markle
Alfred Pararajasingam Ruby Developer II
Catherine Aylward

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360 Albert Street, Suite 200 Ottawa ON K1R 7X7 Fullscript Full Time 2023-02-10 16:46:42 Technology Founded in 2011, Fullscript supports 70,000 health practitioners across North America committed to delivering better patient care. Fullscript provides the ability to prescribe and manage the use of healthcare’s best supplements all in one place. Fullscript's online prescribing platform provides access to over 20,000 practitioner-grade products from over 300 brands, enabling practitioners to create fully personalized plans for their patients. With an unrelenting focus on quality and convenience, Fullscript delivers a patient experience that can't be found anywhere else. Fullscript is a company where teammates embrace a growth mindset, have their talents celebrated, are given the tools to Grow Faster Than The Company, and are inspired to put their wellness at the forefront of their everyday lives. As a result, Fullscript has been consistently recognized for its culture and leadership. Check out our Culture Guide here. We’re seeking a Lead for our Data Engineering team. The Data team is both a support function and strategic partner at Fullscript and will be a key area of investment in the future. Data is used to drive effective planning and decision making all the way from exploration of opportunities, to hypothesis testing and goal setting, to measurement of results and iteration. We will invest heavily in the coming years to make data more accessible to our internal teams and to leverage it within our application to provide our practitioners and patients with data-driven tools and experiences. As the Technical Lead, you will be aid in building the data platform that powers our decision making. This same platform also provides key insights for our practitioners and their patients through analytics and advanced metrics.

Let's change the way health is prescribed, together

We’re always looking for awesome people to join our team!