Catalog Updates (US) -  November 2021

We’re excited to share a new brands along with new products that we’ve added to the Fullscript catalog!

New Brands

For over 90 years, Himalaya Wellness has been sharing the traditional Indian science of Ayurveda in a contemporary form. All over the world, we offer clinically-studied formulas and gentle, plant-based personal care. We nurture our family farmers and the plants they grow, protecting communities, ecosystems and the world we live in. Our mission today is the same as it was in 1930. Wellness in every home. Happiness in every heart.

Makes 3 Organics is committed to creating the healthiest, highest quality and most accessible personal care and household products. By using pure and simple ingredients with time-tested manufacturing processes for all of our products, Makes 3 Organics meets the needs of the future for people and the planet, today.

Founded in 2002 by a nurse and herbalist, Earth Mama’s products are formulated with effective organic ingredients that safely support pregnant and breastfeeding women, and their babies- which means they are safe for every body. Earth Mama combines generations of women’s wisdom, traditional herbal remedies and evidence-based research to formulate certified organic herbal teas, castile-based soaps, healing balms, lotions, deodorants and more.

A global leader, Lunette offers an alternative to traditional menstrual care. Through a unique combination of original features Lunette provides period protection that’s comfortable, reliable, easy to use, vegan, and delivers high user satisfaction.

New Products